What Can Cause Stomach Pain Following Eating?

Stomach pain is brought on by the hydrochloric acid that uses up the unprotected components of your abdomen. Fact: abdomen acid is just as strong as battery acid. So the harm it can cause is very severe.

Usually, the abdomen is protected by a coating layer from the hydrochloric acid. That layer can substitute itself if damaged within hours. But if your body is under tension it is task is much more difficult.

Add to that all the chemicals, preservatives and processed foods you’re eating and you have a scenario when the abdomen is having a difficult time digesting the meals and is working overtime creating acid. In the exact same time, the tension you’re putting on your body slows down the procedure changing the protective layer of your abdomen.

So you end up having multiple times the regular quantity of acid in your abdomen and small to none protective layer in opposition to it.

Ending abdomen pain after eating calls for dietary and way of life modifications. Heading for prescription drugs is not recommended because of the side effects they have and because they don’t deal with the actual issue, only mask it for a short while.


  1. stomach pain after eating

    on 13th Jun, 10 07:06am

    I read your posts on acid relfux and I’ve been taking peppermint home remedies for a while and they’ve really helped me out.
    Also try Nux Vomica – it’s a homeopathic remedy that often works on stress related digestive problems, of which heartburn and acid reflux can be one of.
    Cheers, Michael Moss

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