How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

I used to be really thin, but since I started working online, the long hours in front of my PC took a toll on me. Slowly but surely I started to grow a magnificent flabby belly and change pant sizes. That’s a common problem of people working a long time in an office and not exercising regularly. So how did I get back in shape?

Step 1. Detoxify your body
You would be surprised (and horrified) to find out how much residue your body has collected from all the junk fake food you’ve been fed by the fast food industry. Your body isn’t designed to digest any of the “os” stuff (cheerios, doritos…), carbonated drinks, industrial colorants and food preservatives. Over the years this toxic residue clogs up your intestines and starts releasing toxins into your system. Regular body detox sessions will flush out most of the toxins and residue and improve your general health.

Step 2. Alkalinize your diet
Most of modern day diseases are known to be caused by our diet for the most part. Acid residue left by the modern high protein diet is increasing the pH imbalance in our body. To restore that balance you need to increase the amount of alkalizing foods in your diet. We have a natural 70/30 ratio of water and matter in our body and to respect that proportion you have to maintain a ratio of 70% alkaline food – 30% acidic food in your diet.

Step 3. Get some exercise
There’s no way around this, no matter how much you want to believe. All the diets in the world, all the “superfoods” or weird “no-work” fitness machines will not help you. Our species used to live in caves and run around a lot hunting for food. That’s what our bodies are built for. The invention of agriculture solved the food problem for us, but created another one: sedentarism. Running for your food (instead of driving to it) could be one way of getting fit again. Use it (your body) or lose it. You can’t go against mother nature with this.

Also, there’s no better time than the present time. Start today by writing down and keeping trak of progress to keep you focused.

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