Acid Reflux Treatment Options

Millions of people in the Usa suffer from acid reflux. It is usually known as acid reflux disease, but technically this expression is incorrect. Acid reflux results when the esophagus becomes irritated with stomach acids, primarily hydrochloric acid. As we get old, the stomach becomes less efficient in its ability to digest protein, which contributes to this condition.

There have been many reports concerning the harms of antacids and acid reflux drugs over the years, but they have often been ridiculed by the mass media and the medical community. Although it is known that acid inhibitors and similar drugs should only be taken for a maximum of 2 months, many ignore the dangers and the side effects warnings.

Acid reflux is a big business. In 2006, Americans spent $942 million dollars on over-the-counter antacids, and a whopping 13.6 billion dollars on prescription acid suppressants. But acid reflux isn’t a  disease, as the drug companies would have made us believe. It is simply a condition, and one that can be healed. Acid reflux is a serious medical condition which if left untreated, can cause esophageal cancer. It may be treated with anti acids and diets or with natural cure for acid reflux. Natural cures usually consist of several methods like combination of proper diet and herbal products.

Like other health disorders even it isn’t caused by a single reason hence for long term and successful treatment one needs to identify the main cause of the challenge and treat it with the aid of remedies which offer immediate relief as well as assist the body in preventing reoccurrence from the problem. Diet, way of living and eating routine which includes kind of foods one eats and digestive complaints, all can contribute singularly or collectively to enhance acid formation and heartburn or acid reflux.

The medical community have made us believe that only drugs can treat acid reflux. This is not true -there are natural ways to treat this condition.
After years of suffering from acid reflux, I decided to do something about this. I stopped using prescribed drugs and experimented natural home remedies. Through trial and error, using herbs, tonics, meditation and diet I did, in fact, cure myself.

The 3 Stage Technique – Natural Treatment for Acid reflux

  • Stage 1- change your diet – find out what foods are good for you and which ones are actually making you sick. Acid reflux is not something you “catch” like a cold, rather you develop it in time. What you are eating is really important.
  • Step 2 – Change your lifestyle – eating only at specific hours and actually chewing your food teaches your system the right time for you to release acid and for how long. Do not eat at night time and try having smaller meals that are easier to digest.
  • Stage 3 – Reduce stress – I know we live in struggling times, but when you’re upset, the digestive system may be the first to suffer from this. You’ve got to learn how to relax and have more fun.

Had enough of choking on stomach acid and burning a hole in your chest? I pretty much had all my share of that.

Certain foods will serve you well as natural cures for acid reflux. Bananas, apples, any type of melon, sunflower seeds, almonds and walnuts are all highly nutritious and make for excellent small meals. Every acid reflux remedy should include at least one fresh salad of mixed greens daily.

There are many herbs that are great natural treatments for acid reflux. Slippery elm was well known in Native American societies like a natural remedy for just about any digestive disorder. Slippery Elm is soothing to all mucous membranes, easing stomach upset and heartburn and has a therapeutic effect on the tissues of the esophagus.

Other successful natural treatments for acid reflux consist of gentian root, fennel, ginger root, chamomile, catnip, angelica root and meadowsweet. Herbalists usually recommend combining more herbs to tone the digestive system. Consult with an herbalist to find a combination suited to your particular condition.

Another well known natural remedies for acid reflux is a tea made of one part each of anise, lavender and peppermint. Each of these herbs are strong digestive tonics. Lavender helps reduce acid in your stomach, while peppermint is useful for heartburn and gas.

With age, protein becomes more difficult for our stomachs to digest and undigested protein plays a big role in acid reflux. Papaya contains papain, which is a digestive enzyme which is a powerful aid in the digestion of protein. Papain is available in tablets in health food shops. Taken with each meal, papain ensures digestion of proteins and is effective in natural remedies for acid reflux.

Among the natural acid reflux remedies, pineapple is an outstanding digestive element, aiding protein digestion with loads of bromelain, another digestive enzyme. Fresh pineapple is the best. Like papain, bromelain is available in tablet form and should be taken every meal.

Many people are astonished that there are so many natural remedies that work fantastic for soothing the burn of heartburn and the upset stomach of indigestion.These natural acid reflux cures are all effective and can greatly help the patient. With all these cures, it is still recommended that you should be careful on what you eat because the main cause of acid reflux lies in the foods you eat. Prevention is always better than cure.


  1. Ed

    on 20th Sep, 09 08:09am

    Excellent article! After being diagnosed with silent acid indigestion, I began the process of changing my lifestyle to reduce my exposure to acid producting exposures. I modified my diet, the times that I ate and the amount that I ate. For me, reducing flour based products (bread, pastas, etc) has been difficult but beneficial.
    I read that most of the exposure to acid in the esophagus and therefore most damage occurs at night, so I searched for a way to elevate the head of my bed. I personally use a MediWedge to accomplish this. Remember that putting blocks under your headboard will void your mattress warranty!

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  2. Burnz

    on 5th Nov, 09 03:11am

    Another great article. Thanks for sharing. Since the day the doctor told me that I have acid reflux, I always research to find out on how to cure or prevent it. It seems that there’s a lot of articles around and now i’m convinced that i need to change my lifestyle. So bad I really enjoy what i.m doing today but I have to change it to prevent it getting worst.

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  3. Cathy

    on 8th Jan, 10 07:01pm

    I have had acid reflux since I was about 4 years old. I had a scope done last January and they didn’t find anything. I have tried different diets, eating times, apple cider vinegar, propping my head (which i must to sleep), eating small meals and after i cut out all the foods that hurt me, i was left with water and saltine crackers. I would agree that some things help, but mine has never been under control without medicine. At age 4, i didn’t have any stress and had an excellent diet and plenty of healthy exercise. I’ve also tried calcium which helped when I was younger, but now it doesn’t work. I was never diagnosed with it until i had the scope.

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  4. Pradip Gharpure

    on 21st Feb, 11 03:02am

    Very interesting and useful article. Thanks for publication. All the three changes suggested here can really have a long lasting good influence on our health and wellness.

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  5. Ian Day

    on 11th Jul, 11 03:07pm

    Good post with very interesting information.
    It is surprising the problems that can be helped by diet and natural remedies. I suffered from severe heartburn and was even considering surgery. I have been following a diet and natural treatment plan and my heartburn has disappeared. I am pain free. The surgery has been cancelled! There are natural, dietary and holistic treatments for acid reflux and heartburn which are 100% effective.

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  6. Acid Reflux

    on 12th Jul, 11 10:07pm

    Good information, I’ll keep checking in.

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  7. Secret Home Remedies

    on 5th Oct, 11 05:10am

    It amazes me that Big Pharma get away with supplying medications that only cure the symptoms and not the cause of acid reflux. Has anyone ever gotten rid of acid reflux altogether by taking antacids or acid reflux medications or does it just make the symtoms go away temporarily.

    There is no money in cures for Big Pharma…

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