Natural Acid Reflux Remedies

Acid reflux isn’t a disease you catch, like a cold. You develop it over time, conditioned by your life-style, diet regime and eating habits. That is why no pill can cure you, but only slightly take away the symptoms for a while, in turn making you an addict to them. Acid reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux condition) is a health condition that causes damage to the lining of the esophagus. The liquid content of the stomach travels back into the esophagus, which inevitably builds-up. Acid reflux is developed when the food in the stomach isn’t digested and broke down effectively by this liquid content (acid) and enzymes.

Amid the principle symptoms acid reflux disease, you can notice the following:

  1. Heartburn. This can be frequently described as a rather painful burning sensation inside the chest region and can go as far down because of the stomach and as far up as the neck
  2. Regurgitating food back from the gullet into the mouth
  3. Pain in the chest, either constant or a nasty stabbing discomfort
  4. Difficulty when swallowing both liquids and food
  5. Sore throat and hoarseness when trying to talk
  6. Asthma (This is normally due to the acid which is travelling exactly where it should, reaching the area around the lungs or throat)
  7. Erosion of the teeth and gums caused by the acid reaching the mouth

The symptoms of acid reflux disease can continue for many months and even longer, getting more and more painful because the time goes if it has not been treated in the right way.

The acid reflux remedies can be natural or commercial. The latter pertains to the conventional drugs or products that you can just take to address the symptoms. If you do not want to use them, you can choose the acid reflux home remedies. The good thing concerning the natural acid reflux remedies is they usually don’t have side effects.

Acid reflux is quite unpleasant and if you really don’t want to experience a lot of trouble, you should follow the best acid reflux remedies. Youngsters and older people get this condition but if you start using the acid reflux remedies, you will really feel far better.

Here’s some natural acid reflux remedies used from ancient times to stop the stomach and chest pain fast and without side-effects:

  • Increase the quantity of water you drink daily. This can be useful for your overall health too. However, increasing your water consumption will help to dilute the acids in the stomach, thus minimizing the acid reflux symptoms. You should also try to drink a glass of water after you have eaten, possibly two.
  • Ginger Root – Taking ginger root supplement on consistent basis will increase the production of saliva and digestive liquids. It relieves heartburn. It has antispasmodic imapct on stomach. It helps in smooth functioning of your digestive system. It decreases acidity re-fluxes and stops cramps in stomach.
  • Could it be true, an apple per day keeps the doctor away? Maybe not, but eating an apple after a meal can surely keep your acid reflux symptoms at bay! Organically grown apples chewed slowly and well can minimize the acid in the stomach, hence eliminating the acid reflux.
  • Fennel tea or chamomile tea have a soothing effect on the person drinking it and it’s been successfully connected to the relief of acid reflux discomfort. It’s important that you take your time drinking the tea, only sipping it.
  • Almonds is another great method to eliminate the effects of acid reflux. Every morning, chew on a few almonds and after every meal. It is important that you chew them very well, the longer the better and you will soon begin to see relief inside your acid reflux symptoms.
  • Peppermint oil is usually an easy remedy for reflux symptoms, only if you don’t get it on empty stomach. Since practically all bouts from heartburn start from a meal due to the foods taken in, therefore an important cup from peppermint tea right after having a meal is certainly an enjoyable, nonetheless soothing choice.
  • Baking Soda – this one surprised even me with its effectiveness. Pretty amazing when you think about this, normal baking soda out of your kitchen area cabinet within a glass of water could be all you need to calm your acid reflux.
  • Swedish bitter is a traditionally herbal tonic, a complex formula of 13 different detoxification Herbs. Bitter herbs have been used for digestive problems in Europe for thousands of years.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – this is so counter intuitive that few people actually understand why it works so well. Eating it often promotes normal production of acids and enzymes. Add the apple cider vinegar to a half a glass of water and drink it shortly before or after a meal.
  • Milk – A glass full of milk can provide a fast relief. If acidity problem strikes you, just take a glass full of cold milk then drink it gradually. Milk works well for producing enzymes and waters down the acidity created in the stomach.
  • Chewing gum, as you may know is great in assisting in the digestion of food. Nonetheless, do you realize that this also stimulates producing the saliva? This does the same thing as drinking water, it will dilute the stomach acids and limit the acid reflux symptoms.

The acid reflux remedies aren’t enough especially for patinets with worsening symptoms. It would be best if you make lifestyle changes. There are lots of things that you can do to stop acid reflux. You can begin by stopping your vices. In addition, you need to keep the ideal weight based in your weight and gender. You should wear loose clothings to prevent heartburn. Leisure can also be a good way to relieve stress. There are many ways to do it and while you are doing it, you should follow the acid reflux remedies. As soon as you’re diagnosed with this problem, you have to folow the best acid reflux remedies and change to a healthy lifestyle.

The acid reflux remedies will work if you also make lifestyle changes. In reality, the latter may be the greatest thing that you can do. You should avoid orange juice, lemon, tomato, uncooked onion, French fries, spicy meals, milk shake, ice cream, sour cream, mac and cheese, floor beef, marbled sirloin, salad dressings, chocolate, corn chips, potato chips, etc. You should stick to healthful foods like fresh fruits and veggetables.

As you notice, some fruits and veggetables are not great for acid reflux so you have to be very cautious. You don’t have to abruptly change your lifestyle because this might have a very terrible effect on your whole body system. Take it slowly and soon, you will benefit from the changes.

The remedies are really successful when carried out rigthly. This is your ticket to a heartburn-free life and you should be willing to invest time and effort in looking for acid reflux remedies.


  1. Nivas patil

    on 16th Feb, 10 10:02am

    pl send me one copy through e mail

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    • Name (required)

      on 24th Apr, 11 01:04am

      Tossing salads cuts way down on my acid reflux. I love to toss guys’ salads.

      Brian Long, Blacksburg, VA (The Blacksburg Salad Tosser)

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    • Name (required)

      on 24th Apr, 11 02:04am

      I have found that tossing salads helps control my acid reflux. I am constantly tossing guys’ salads, and it helps my acid reflux. I love tossing salads.

      Brian Long, from Blacksburg, VA (The Bburg Salad Tosser)

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      • Mary

        on 19th Sep, 11 08:09pm

        I hope your husband will listen to reason and at least start trying natural remedies, if he insists on being bullheaded about seeing a doctor!

        Acid reflux should not be left untreated by any means! The continued back-up of acid in the stomach, esophagus and throat, and continual regurgitation can destroy the lining of the stomach and throat, setting up a perfect host for holes in the stomach, intestinal tract and throat. All of this works together as a perfect host for cancer of the stomach and/or throat.

        I’ve read (and intend to try) some of the home remedies that I’ve found online. But in the meantime, I continue to use plain vinegar. I rinse my mouth (to avoid swallowing bacteria and germs that build up during the night) and then sip 2 or 3 tablespoons as I’m washing & getting ready for work. (I found it best to brush and gargle AFTERWARD because using toothpaste & mouthwash before sipping the vinegar makes my mouth and gums sensitive).

        If he is overweight (as I am), that’s probably also a contributing factor. Until he gets the reflux under control he also needs to avoid foods that aggravate the reflux. (Doesn’t feel so good to have to restrict what you eat but to get this thing under control, he is going to have to make some hard decisions).

        Oatmeal is also a good source to keep his stomach settled. (You can cook it in apple juice – a good brand, not the cheap stuff) to give it flavor, and sprinkle it with cinnamon for extra flavoring. (Cinnamon also lowers high blood pressure).

        Doing nothing is not an option if he intends to ever be healthy again. I hope that he chooses to see a doctor or, to try some of the natural remedies that can be found on the internet.

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    on 1st Mar, 10 06:03pm


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    • Jim

      on 2nd Jul, 10 08:07pm


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    • Name (required)

      on 5th Aug, 10 01:08pm

      That’s pretty bad when you start throwing up diarrhea.

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      • Alice

        on 15th Aug, 10 09:08am

        I came here because I have been experiencing back pain. While surfing the ‘net, I’ve found the symptoms suggest acid reflux. In my worst of pain, I was able to bust out laughing at this one. Thanks!
        btw, thx for the remedies, as well.

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    • Brad

      on 5th Dec, 10 12:12am

      Don’t waste any more time. View (not .com) and call the 800 number for the radio broadcast in your area to speak with doctor Marshall.

      He will lead you in the right direction with proper nutrition.

      Natural remedies, not drugs, will work. Your husband’s internal chemistry is out of whack.

      Is he ready to make changes to his diet and lifestyle? And will he take supplements? I hope so.

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    • Dan De Young

      on 6th Mar, 11 11:03pm

      I have acid reflux for years after seeing a specialist they told me the relflux scarred my esophagus to a point where food would hang up on the scar tissue and would not go down, the only relief was to throw up. I had to have my esophagus dialated several times over the yrs. ( not as bad as it sounds) but if he doesnt see a doc. it could cause severe damage, they took biopsies to check for cancer.
      Go To A Doc!!!

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    • Luis

      on 31st Mar, 11 01:03pm

      wow! i recommend go seeing a doc, cause it can lead to something more serious.

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    • Name (required)

      on 14th Apr, 11 01:04am

      Im 16, and iv had this for 3 years now.. and today was the worst iv ever had it. Just like your husband, i started throwing up. I’ve never thrown up because of this before, 5 times in 45minutes.. so this tells me that its getting worse. if you find anything that works, PLEASE let me know. Im really tired of this problem. :|

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  3. Dick Hall

    on 13th Mar, 10 07:03pm

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you for having a site with natural info on acid reflux. I have had mild to moderate acid reflux for 5 or 6 years. In the last 9 months I have had heartburn almost everyday. I use baking soda and meds to help relieve it. Please send me a copy of the acid reflux report. Thanks Dick

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  4. Simon Razin

    on 14th Mar, 10 03:03am


    I have a problem of the acid reflux since last 2 years and interested in natural or dietary solutions, without medicaments.

    Please send me a copy of the `Acid Reflux Report` to try.

    Thank you in advance,

    S. Razin

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  5. ced

    on 14th Mar, 10 02:03pm

    have acid reflux with cough

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  6. Steve Williams

    on 14th Mar, 10 10:03pm

    I am recently diagnosed with acid reflux.
    Please send a copy of ‘Acid Reflux Report’.

    Thank you, Steve

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  7. Janet Jones

    on 3rd Apr, 10 10:04am

    I have heard that cinnamon as well as some other herbs are quite good at treating acid symptoms. Check out the article I wrote about it!

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  8. earrings

    on 10th May, 10 12:05am

    Try this ,buy raw peanuts and eat,it oil is helpful on the stomach.

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  9. Danielle

    on 7th Dec, 10 09:12pm

    I have it bad, everyday and I’m on 2 medications daily. I would love to know some natural remedies to try. I’m desperate. it’s to the point where I can’t even eat.

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  10. Name (required)

    on 10th Dec, 10 11:12am

    What do you have to say? Stop eating after 7 pm. Cut back on coffee, chocolate and greasy foods after 7. Tomato based products can affect some folks. Elevate the head of your bed with boards at least 5-6 inches (don’t use pillows, you will toss them in your sleep). The only thing you should ingest within 2 hours of bedtime is water. If these things don’t help then you should see a doctor.

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  11. Name (required)

    on 15th Dec, 10 12:12am

    Coffee is a killer if you’re fighting Acid Reflux. Quitting it altogether as hard as that sounds is the first step. I went on a 3 week detox program eating fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken. No bread, tomato, corn, soy, dairy etc. Eliminated all the typical causes of allergens. By the end of the 3 weeks there was NO sign of ANY reflux. Unfortunately that was almost a year ago. Recently I started eating some fatty salad dressings, drinking the occasional cup of coffee & eating chocolate. Low & behold, relfux is back with a vengeance. Although I’m disappointed, it proves proper diet can cure such ailments much better than any medicine every will.

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  12. mikael

    on 3rd Jan, 11 01:01am

    Does anyone have more advice for a detox diet?

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  13. ugh

    on 15th Feb, 11 04:02am

    Yet again someone toting that acid reflux is caused by foods u eat yaddy yadda yadda. Do your research. Don’t say its not a disease you catch. Most of the people that have had it a lifetime (like me) have GERD. It IS a disease. A very painful disease that is barely controlled by medications and never ever drink apple cider vinegar if you have GERD. It will burn ur already raw esaphegous. While some people do have reflux from food they shouldn’t eat, if you’re having it more than twice weekly, chances are you have GERD. I get reflux from drinking water! For gods sakes don’t ever tell people that acid reflux isn’t a disease. It’ll just piss the people that do have GERD and have suffered long and hard from it off royally! When babies are projectile vomiting breastmilk, do you tell them that they have a bad lifestyle? Give me a break.

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  14. John

    on 9th Mar, 11 06:03am

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  15. Lana

    on 17th Jul, 11 11:07pm

    An excellent remedy for acid reflux and diverticulitis as well as gastritis is blending a small red potato with water. Drink 2 times/day, morning and night. You should start feeling better by the 2nd day.

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